Forensic Psychology, Crime and Policing: Key Concepts and Practical Debates

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A key resource for students, academics and practitioners, this concise guide brings together various concepts vital to the theoretical, policy and practical debates on forensic psychology and its relationship with crime and policing. Covering issues such as criminal behaviour, police decision making and crime scene investigation, each entry provides a succinct overview of the topic, together with an evaluation of the emerging issues. The text includes:

• associated concepts and further reading from research and practice;

• references and glossary.

Accessible and comprehensive, this book is the go-to guide for those getting to grips with the relationships between forensic psychology, crime and policing.


Part I: Forensic Psychology

1. Forensic Psychology ~ Rachael Steele

2. Forensic Psychology and Criminal Justice ~ Rachael Steele

3. Forensic Psychology and Policing ~ Jason Roach and Helen Selby- Fell

4. Forensic Psychology and Court Processes ~ Ruth J. Tully

5. Forensic Psychology and Prisons ~ Ruth J. Tully

6. Forensic Psychology and Victims of Crime ~ Cherie Armour

7. Forensic Psychology and Perpetrators of Crime: The Dark Triad and Narcissism ~ Victoria Blinkhorn

8. Forensic Psychology and Rehabilitation ~ Shona Robinson- Edwards and Stephanie Kewley

9. Forensic Psychology and Desistance ~ Stephanie Kewley and Lol Burke

10. Forensic Psychology and Mental Disorder ~ Paul V. Greenall

11. Forensic Psychology and Psychopathy ~ Robert Hesketh

12. Forensic Psychology and Non-Fatal Violence ~ Victoria Blinkhorn

13. Forensic Psychology and Homicide ~ Paul V. Greenall

14. Forensic Psychology and Sexual Offences ~ Robert Hesketh

15. Forensic Psychology and Future Directions ~ Rachael Steele and Michelle McManus

Part II: Crime and Criminal Justice

16. Crime and Criminal Justice: Past and Present ~ Jo Turner and Karen Corteen

17. Crime ~ Noel Cross

18. Criminal Justice Systems ~ Mike Berry

19. Criminal Justice, Actus Reus and Mens Rea ~ Noel Cross

20. Crime and Youth Justice ~ Ellena Cooke

21. Crimes of the Powerful ~ Amy Hughes-Stanley

22. Criminal Justice, Marketisation and Privatisation ~ David Sheldon

23. Criminal Justice and Punishment ~ Karen Corteen and Jo Turner

24. Criminal Justice and Serious, Violent and Sexual Offending ~ Stephanie Kewley and Charlotte Barlow

25. Criminal Justice, Risk and Vulnerability ~ Eric Halford

26. Criminal Justice, Risk Assessment and Dangerousness ~ Jennifer Murray

27. Criminal Injustice ~ Amy Hughes-Stanley

28. Criminal Justice: Future Directions ~ Noel Cross

Part III: Police and Policing

29. Policing: Past and Present ~ Kate Bates

30. Police and Policing Models ~ Adrian James and Vesa Huotari

31. Police and Crime Commissioners ~ Helen Selby-Fell and Jason Roach

32. Police Codes of Conduct ~ Nicoletta Policek

33. Police Professionalisation ~ Tim Kelly

34. Police and Decision Making ~ Laura Boulton

35. Police Accountability and Legitimacy ~ Tammy Landau

36. Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 ~ Jo Turner and Karen Corteen

37. Police and Multi-Agency Safeguarding Arrangements ~ Michelle McManus

38. Police and Victims of Crime ~ Kate Bates

39. Police Custody ~ Karen Corteen and Jo Turner

40. Policing Serious, Violent Sexual Offending ~ Michelle McManus and Eric Halford

41. Policing and Mental Health ~ Tim Kelly

42. Policing and Non-Verbal Communication ~ Elizabeth Peatfield

43. Policing Controversies: Undercover Policing ~ Margaret S. Malloch

44. Police Abolitionism ~ Karen Corteen

45. Policing and Occupational Cultures ~ Sean Bell and Nick Kealey

46. Policing: Future Directions ~ Andy Rhodes and Michelle McManus

Part IV: Investigation

47. Crime Scene Investigation ~ Stephanie Davies

48. Investigative Interviewing ~ Davut Akca

49. Detecting Deception ~ Clea Wright

50. Criminal False Confessions ~ Ava Green

51. False Allegations and Wrongful Convictions ~ Greg Stratton and Monique Moffa

52. Witness Testimony ~ Victoria Blinkhorn

53. False Memories ~ Sue Palmer-Conn

54. Expert Evidence ~ Gary Macpherson

Part V: Conclusion

55. Contemporary and Future Concepts and Debates in Forensic Psychology, Crime and Policing ~ Karen Corteen, Rachael Steele, Noel Cross and Michelle McManus

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