6G and Next-Generation Internet

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The sixth generation (6G) of wireless cellular networks is expected to incorporate the latest developments in network infrastructure and emerging advances in technology. It will not only explore more spectrum at high-frequency bands but also converge driving technological trends, including connected robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain technologies. There is also a strong notion that the nature of mobile terminals will change, whereby intelligent mobile robots are anticipated to play a more important role. Importantly, 6G will become more human-centered than 5G, which primarily focused on industry verticals.

This book explores the human-centeredness of blockchain and Web3 economy for the 6G era. Aimed at graduate students, network and blockchain researchers, professionals, engineers, and practitioners, this book discusses the symbiosis of blockchain with other key technologies such as AI and robots, while putting the focus on the Tactile Internet for advanced human-to-machine interaction. By focusing on the research field of robonomics in the 6G Era, which studies the social integration of robots into the economy and human society, the book puts the various developed ideas and concepts into the perspective of the future Super Smart Society 5.0.


1. 6G-Blockchain: Vision and Research Directions

2. Blockchain, AI, and Human Intelligence: The Path Towards 6G

3. DAO-Based Trusted Collaboration and Social Cohesion Approach for the 6G-Tactile Internet

4. Blockchain Meets 6G: Social Human-Robot Interaction Through Oracles and Behavioral Economics

5. From Superorganism to Stigmergic Society & Collective Intelligence in the 6G Era

6. Conclusion

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