Variable Gain Control and Its Applications in Energy Conversion

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The variable gain control method is a new construction technique for the control of nonlinear systems. By properly conducting state transformation that depends on the variable gains, the control design problem of nonlinear systems can be transformed into a gain construction problem, thus effectively avoiding the tedious iterative design procedure. Different from the classical backstepping method and forwarding design method, the structure of variable gain control is simpler in the sense that fewer design parameters are required, facilitating the improvement of system control performance.

To highlight the learning, research, and promotion of variable gain control, Variable Gain Control and Its Applications in Energy Conversion is written based on the research results of peers at home and abroad and combining our latest research. This book presents innovative technologies for designing variable gain controllers for nonlinear systems. It systematically describes the origin and principles of variable gain control for nonlinear systems, focuses on the controller design and stability analysis, and reflects the latest research. In addition, variable gain control methods applied to energy conversion are also included.

Discussion remarks are provided in each chapter highlighting new approaches and contributions to emphasize the novelty of the presented design and analysis methods. In addition, simulation results are given in each chapter to show the effectiveness of these methods.

It can be used as a reference book or a textbook for students with some background in feedback control systems. Researchers, graduate students, and engineers in the fields of control, information, renewable energy generation, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, applied mathematics, and others will benefit from this book.


SECTION I Variable Gain Control for Strict-feedback Nonlinear Systems

Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1 Background.

1.2 Research status

1.3 Static gain control design of nonlinear systems

1.4 Objectives

1.5 Preview of chapters

Chapter 2 Global State Feedback Control for Strict-Feedback Nonlinear Systems

2.1 Background

2.2 Problem description

2.3 Control design

2.4 Stability analysis

2.5 Simulation.

2.6 Notes

Chapter 3 Output Feedback Control for Strict-Feedback Nonlinear Systems Subject to Time Delays

3.1 Background

3.2 Problem description

3.3 Control design

3.4 Stability analysis.

3.5 Simulation

3.6 Notes

Chapter 4 Fixed-Time Control for Strict-Feedback Nonlinear Systems

4.1 Background

4.2 Problem description

4.3 Control design

4.4 Stability analysis

4.5 Simulation

4.6 Notes .

SECTION II Variable Gain Control for Feedforward Nonlinear Systems

Chapter 5 Stabilization Control for Time-Varying Feedforward Nonlinear Systems

5.1 Background

5.2 Problem description

5.3 Control design

5.4 Stability analysis

5.5 Simulation

5.6 Notes

Chapter 6 Stabilization Control for Feedforward Nonlinear Time-Delay Systems

6.1 Background

6.2 Problem description .

6.3 Stabilizing feedback control .

6.4 Simulation.

6.5 Notes

Chapter 7 Variable Gain Control for Discrete-Time Feedforward Nonlinear Systems.

7.1 Background

7.2 Problem description

7.3 Design of low gain feedback control

7.4 Design of dynamic gain feedback control

7.5 Simulation.

7.6 Notes

SECTION III Variable Gain Control for Large-scale Nonlinear Systems

Chapter 8 Variable Gain Control for Large-Scale Feedforward Nonlinear Systems

8.1 Background

8.2 Problem description

8.3 Decentralized control with a constant gain

8.4 Centralized control with a global dynamic gain

8.5 Control with distributed dynamic gains

8.6 Notes

Chapter 9 Variable Gain Control for Feedforward Nonlinear Multi-Agent Systems

9.1 Background

9.2 Problem description

9.3 Low gain feedback control protocol

9.4 Time-varying control protocol

9.5 Notes

Chapter 10 Consensus Control for Nonlinear Multi-Agent Systems With Time Delays

10.1 Background

10.2 Problem description

10.3 Design of distributed output feedback controllers

10.4 Consensus analysis

10.5 Simulation

10.6 Notes

SECTION IV Application of Variable Gain Control in Energy Conversion

Chapter 11 Variable Gain Control of Three-Phase AC/DC Power Converters

11.1 Background

11.2 Mathematical model and preliminaries

11.3 DC-link voltage control

11.4 Case studies

11.5 Notes

Chapter 12 Variable Gain Control for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Speed Regulation

12.1 Background

12.2 Mathematical model and preliminaries

12.3 Fixed-time control design

12.4 Case studies

12.5 Notes

Chapter 13 Distributed Robust Secondary Control of Islanded Microgrids ..

13.1 Background

13.2 Mathematical model and preliminaries

13.3 Distributed secondary voltage control

13.4 Distributed frequency control and active power sharing

13.5 Case studies

13.6 Notes

Chapter 14 Conclusions and Future Challenges

14.1 Conclusions

14.2 Future challenges



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