Consumer Protection Laws in Digital Era

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Due to advancement of technology, growth of the economy and market, there has been a transition of business from physical space to cyber space. The citizens are now popularly referred as citizens. There is need of an appropriate legal mechanism in India to handle the ever-growing challenges in the field of consumer protection as we are one f the largest markets in the world having huge e-commerce demands. Consumer protection laws have evolved over time in response to the changing needs of consumers and the market. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, mass production and distribution of goods led to the need for consumer protection laws. The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 and the Consumer Protection Act, 2019 are two important laws that aim to protect the nights of consumers in India. The Consumer Protection Act, 2019 is a comprehensive legislation that aims to protect the interests of consumers in India. The chapters in the present book range from across diverse legal petals concerning consumers and address cross-cutting issues in the realm of law relating to consumers in general and their protection in particular. The chapters compiled in this book discuss elaborately the traditional and contemporary issues in a new lens, bringing out new perspectives.
Chapter 1 UPI Transactions and Financial Fraud : Policy Concerns for Consumer Protection
Chapter 2 Influencer Advertising In the Digital Space : The Changing Landscape and Need For Regulation
Chapter 3 Protection of Online Consumers in the Era of E-Commerce : Governance, Challenges and Solutions
Chapter 4 Protection of Consumers' Rights and Challenges in 21st Century : Indian Perspective
Chapter 5 Consumer Protection (Direct Selling) Rules, 2021 : A Step towards Fixing Accountability of the Direct Selling Companies
Chapter 6 Consumer Protection Competition Law : A Judicial Approach to the Digital Consumerism
Chapter 7 Enforcement of Awards of Consumer Commission : Practical Issues and Procedural Hurdles
Chapter 8 Emergence of Product Liability Under Consumer Law in India with Special Reference to e-commerce Transactions
Chapter 9 Digital Branding and E-Commerce
Chapter 10 Effects of Online Shopping on Indigenous Market of Shillong City
Chapter 11 Digital Transformation vis-à-vis Consumer Privacy : Challenges and Possible Solutions
Chapter 12 Protection of Rights of Consumers through Competition Regime in India
Chapter 13 A Legal Analysis of the Consumer Protection and Related Terms CSR, Consumerism etc. Going through Democratic Republic India
Chapter 14 Interface of Consumer Protection with Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) in Nepal-Law, Policy and Institutional Review
Chapter 15 The Consumer Protection Act, 2019 : A Critical Analysis
Chapter 16 The Strange Alchemy of Consumer, Mediation and Technology
Chapter 17 Protecting Consumer Rights in the Digital Marketplace in India : A Legal Analysis

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