Cybercrimes and Financial Crimes in the Global Era

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This book presents the latest and most relevant studies, surveys, and succinct reviews in the field of financial crimes and cyber crime, conducted and gathered by a group of top professionals, scholars, and researchers from China, India, Spain, Italy, Poland, Germany, and Russia. Focusing on the threats posed by and corresponding approaches to controlling financial crime and cyber crime, the book informs readers about emerging trends in the evolution of international crime involving cyber-technologies and the latest financial tools, as well as future challenges that could feasibly be overcome with a more sound criminal legislation framework and adequate criminal management.

In turn, the book highlights innovative methods for combating financial crime and cyber crime, e.g., establishing an effective supervision system over P2P; encouraging financial innovation and coordination with international anti-terrorism organizations and multiple countries; improving mechanisms for extraditing and punishing criminals who defect to another country; designing a protection system in accordance with internationally accepted standards; and reforming economic criminal offenses and other methods that will produce positive results in practice. Given its scope, the book will prove useful to legal professionals and researchers alike. It gathers selected proceedings of the 10th International Forum on Crime and Criminal Law in the Global Era (IFCCLGE), held on Nov 20–Dec 1, 2019, in Beijing, China.

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