Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (Law for Professionals)

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This book discusses the intensification of international transport services as the consequence of an increasingly capillary economic integration. In particular, in some European countries, such as Belgium, the Rhine area of Germany, and Denmark, the application of the Geneva Convention on the carriage of goods from the case law point of view is even more thorough than that of national law. Even though this is not the case for all countries, the Geneva Convention is a core text both for the scientific debates on the issue and for commercial operators. Therefore, proposing an up-to-date reading of the Convention is of utmost importance from the practical point of view, especially considering that, thanks to the consistent application of the International Carriage of Goods by Road contract, the Convention has become an essential prerequisite for the development of traffic.

In ten chapters, this book reviews the Convention's structure and considers the case-law approaches and trends of most countries belonging to the European Union. It covers contracts and different negotiating models as well as compensation, liability of the carrier, and damages.

Chapter 1. Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road
Chapter 2. The Mandatory Nature of the Geneva Convention
Chapter 3. Stipulation of the Contract and the Consignment Note
Chapter 4. The Different Negotiation Models and the Participation of Several Subjects in the Stipulation and Execution of Multiple Modes of Transport
Chapter 5. The Journey and Execution of the Contract
Chapter 6. Charges
Chapter 7. Liability of the Carrier
Chapter 8. Damages and Compensation Limit
Chapter 9. Rights Protection
Chapter 10. The Jurisdiction

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